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Our paper and cardboard is sourced from FSC®-certified forests. This involves an audit of forests management by an independent organisation to check that it meets internationally and nationally agreed standards of responsible forest management. Therefore, you can rest assured that your notebook is not damaging the environment.

The skin used to make our leather notebook covers is derived from animals raised for their meat in New Zealand. In that sense, it uses a by-product from another industry, therefore it doesn’t actually need additional land and resources. It is a hard-wearing product and helps to ensure your notebook will last.

Linen is the oldest known fibre, as well as one of the most ecological. All linen comes from the flax plant. Linen is naturally breathable, and stronger than cotton. Flax is generally grown on terrain where food crops cannot grow and uses considerably less water to manufacture than cotton. Every part of the flax plant can be used to create an environmental product with no wastage.

As our customers like to have a perfect ‘box fresh’ notebook, we shrink-wrap each one so that it is pristine when it arrives in your hands. Modena use POF (Polyolefin) shrink-wrap. As well as FDA approved and food-safe, meaning no strong chemicals are used, it is feather light and made of 100% recyclable material. However, it is not yet biodegradable.

Our notebooks are hand-stitched to allow our journalists to lay our books at 180 degrees flat for writing and drawing. Covers are hand-bound with eco-friendly glue and fixings.

Modena is a brand brought to you by Railex, a UK company founded way back in 1908. Railex’s mission is to be sustainable in everything we do. Being a manufacturer of paper and board based products we know that we have a responsibility to use our resources efficiently and thus doing our bit to protect the environment. Railex UK manufactured products are packaged for transit using either recycled corrugated board or offcuts derived from our production processes, as it is our commitment to protect the environment and limit waste. 

We are proud to be working to ISO14001 certification for 2022.