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Affordable and beautiful stationery accessories are here direct from UK manufacturers. Railex have been making filing products and organising offices since 1908 and have now produced our classic heavyweight envelope folders with a luxurious touch – hand-tied with a satin ribbon in a co-ordinating colour and available in tonal packs of 3, for the ultimate in stylish organisation. Railex have partnered with Nottingham pencil manufacturer Chambers to produce Modena pencils in the classic all-rounder HB lead, in our exclusive gorgeous Modena leather colour range, buy them in a set of six here or add one to an A5 midi leather notebook of your choice. In addition, Railex haven’t forgotten our young stationery lovers who love to create imaginative designs with our bright coloured marbleboard. We have put together two packs full of exciting card cut outs, colourful card, and stick-ons complete with glue and crayons or felt-tips. Everything kids need to fire their imagination on rainy days or the long days of summer.